Advice for New Parents

Instructions for the Care of Your Newborn

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! This is an exciting and exhausting time for you and your family. During the next few days, most of your time will be spent resting and regaining your strength. Town & Country Pediatrics has provided this information to help with the care of your newborn baby. Please note, we use the pronoun “he” when referring to your beautiful newborn baby.

Hospital and Office Visits

Your baby will be examined by one of our pediatricians every day that you are in the hospital. While in the hospital, your baby will receive a Hepatitis B vaccine, a hearing test, and a simple blood test for a variety of disorders. After you go home, we will see your baby at 4 days and 2 weeks of age in one of our offices. Please call as soon as possible to arrange for this appointment. These “Well Baby Check-ups” are very important. During these visits, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the growth and development of your baby.

Emergencies and Illnesses

Illness and injuries can occur in a newborn baby. If you think your baby is sick or if your baby is injured, call us immediately. A pediatrician will always be available.

Signs of illness that should be reported include:

  • Rectal temperature 100.4˚F or higher
  • Vomiting (not just "spitting up")
  • Refusing to eat several feedings in a row
  • Excessive crying
  • Listlessness

Baby's First Week

Click Here for a printable chart to keep track of your baby's progress during the first week of life. Your baby's health care provider may ask for this information at the next visit.

The chart will open in a new window as a Microsoft Word document. After printing, close the document to return to Town & Country Pediatrics.